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We’ve staged shows throughout Asia, Europe, North and Central America – and once in the depths of majestic caverns in Georgetown.

Meticulous care is evident in our planning, scripting, production, and staging.

International events are where we truly shine – and we should – we’ve been staging major corporate meetings and events for over 30 years.

From production and venue coordination, to shipping and customs – our presentations create a lasting impression – and results for our clients.

Whether you need presentation graphics, a corporate sales meeting, or a multiscreen domeshow for a museum – we’re eager to help.

Don’t just make a point – make a difference.

Michael Sidoric


San Antonio, Texas USA

+1 512-839-1996

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Apple, Inc.

Southwest Airlines

Texas Medical Association

The Moody Foundation

Marriott International

American Airlines

3M Telecom

GTE Southwest Inc.

Heritage Society of Austin

Grupo Modelo, S.A. de C.V.

Keep Texas Beautiful, Inc.

AT&T Corporation

Thai Airways

SECTUR Mexico Tourism

Texas Highways Magazine

IBM Corporation

Texas Hospital Association

Air Canada

Texas Youth Commission

Del Webb Corporation

Leadership Texas

Texas Tourist Agency

Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce

U.S. Information Agency

UTSA Institute of Texan Cultures

GSD&M Advertising

Walt Disney Companies

NASA Public Affairs

Downtown Austin Alliance

The Discovery Channel

National Geographic Society

Neiman-Marcus International

Hope Charities, Inc.

McAllen Chamber of Commerce

Six Flags Over Texas, Inc.

Lufthansa German Airlines

Eastman Kodak Company

Texas Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission

The Gambrinus Company

Texas Folklife Festival

Canon U.S.A., Inc.

Southland Corporation

Texas Telephone Association

Texas Economic Development Department

Sulzer CarboMedics, Inc.

Texas Instruments, Inc.

Procermex, Inc.

Texas Hotel and Motel Association

Additional references available upon request

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We’ve got you covered

Grupo Modelo Worldwide Importer Summit Finale

Client:  Grupo Modelo, S.A. de C.V

When Corona Extra imports began in the US, no one believed the new brand had a chance. Soon the upstart Mexican beer became the top import – as our finale reminded importers at their global conference.

‘Black History Month’ Domeshow

Client:  UTSA Institute of Texan Cultures

Cultures often face prejudice and strife. This ‘Black History Month’ module helped visitors recall some of the Civil Rights movements challenges and achievements – with a solemn reminder for all.

‘Patriotic’ Domeshow

Client:  UTSA Institute of Texan Cultures

Celebrate America’s ethnic and cultural diversity with rich images from the Institute’s Texas Folklife Festival, and powerful icons of America’s grandeur.

‘Welcome’ Domeshow module

Client:  UTSA Institute of Texan Cultures

The world is a big place – and the Institute invites visitors from all cultures to find themselves here.

This module was created to welcome guests, and grab attention for school groups.

Never fail to touch minds and hearts

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GRAPHIC: Presentation graphic from a Corona Extra meeting
PHOTO: Domeshow screens at the Institute of Texan Cultures

Widescreen and multi-screen presentations

offer clients an opportunity to immerse an audience in a compelling message






Location photography


Location recording

Computer graphics

Event photography

Motion graphics

Visual effects

Presentation graphics

HD production and editing

Narration and voice acting

Multitrack mixdown

AV equipment rental

Staging and presentation

Customs clearances

Executive preparation

Livestream / webcasts

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Designing an effective presentation or meeting requires special skill, and patience. Few communication events offer more challenges -- or greater potential rewards.

Whether your need is to enhance sales, provide timely information, or provide an opportunity for lively discussion and interaction – our creative talents can help you create a presentation that will be both memorable and effective.

We can provide stock or custom audio-visual modules, speaker support and presentation graphics, seating and staging recommendations, executive preparation and speechwriting, theme and decor arrangements, and complete staging for all audiovisual presentations.  And each element is rehearsed and timed to perfection.

We can take your ideas and goals, and an empty room --  and work miracles.

When the lights go out... we want you to shine!

Don’t seek opportunity. Create it.

‘Los Tejanos’ Exhibit Videowall

UTSA Institute of Texan Cultures

An interactive display that allows visitors to explore trends in immigration to Texas

Graphic: Old-style Indian test pattern
Graphic: Modern hi-def SMPTE test pattern

Always tell a great story.

The power of a great story transcends technology.

We’re storytellers – helping clients craft messages

that are powerful, effective – and lasting.

Getting noticed, heard and understood is more important than ever.

Informedia has been creating award-winning, effective presentations over four decades.

Our client list includes leading multi-national corporations, national and statewide associations, museums, educational and charitable organizations.

They all come to us for the same reason:

Creative, cost-effective solutions - delivered on-time and on-budget.

Unlike many communications companies, creative production is entirely in-house – so our involvement with your project is continuous -- from concept, design and script – to screen.

Our presentations reach beyond ordinary boundaries of words, images, and sounds... and into the hearts, minds and souls of our audience.

When our clients succeed – we both look good.

Involve. Inform. Inspire.

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